• Paper and Pencil Programming @ offschool

    Saturday, April 26th, offschool, Paris College of Art

    In this one day workshop participants will use just paper and pencil to design custom artistic processes, which can later be used with off-the-shelf computer devices and programs to generate original artworks. The aim of the course is to explore notions of programming from non-standard perspectives, using everyday tools. Participants are encouraged to think conceptually about their paper and pencil programs, and to not bind themselves to writing code within a rigid framework like what’s found within traditional computer programming environments. The idea is to craft processes by hand, even if long-winded and/or technically unsound, in order to imbue them with significance in a work’s final form.

    This workshop is an alternative to traditional computer programming workshops on languages used to generate visual representations and infographics (e.g., Processing). It is the perfect workshop for wannabe programmers, and aims to get people up and “programming” within a day.


  • Come to the offschool open drink, January 28, 7:30 @ Superbelleville, Paris

    Image from prototype day #1

    Offschool is a Paris-based structure which runs workshops in art, design and architecture. Workshops are open to artists, professionals, educators, students and everyone interested in extending their knowledge, developing new skills and exploring new fields of intervention in their practice. Offschool is about learning, teaching, exchanging, exploring, experimenting, researching.

  • Marginal Compositions, In Progress

    A digital photograph archive was inspected, and sets of unsuccessful images were collected. These were instances when multiple images provided just one success. Subsequently, these images were printed with a dye sublimation printer. Dye sublimation prints have perforated edges that are typically torn off and thrown out. Marginal Compositions are comprised solely of these perforated edges. Splayed inside out, each pair of edges contains the pair from the image made just before it. The overall size of the collage is dependent on the number of failed images in that respective set.

  • ICC Profile Customization Sky Check #1, ICC Profile Print Test #1

    Currently hacking ICC color print profiles so that my printer will print all skies in ColorChecker Blue Sky blue. I’m encouraged by the first test prints. The top right print depicts an image of a target with a patch reflecting the color of the real blue sky (the patch is a mirror). The bottom left print depicts the same image except that the printer had automatically shifted the real color of the sky to official ColorChecker blue.

  • Marginal Composition 2013-07-18 13.05.55.jpg → 2013-07-18 17.10.28.jpg Marginal Compositions Installation at Trajector, Brussels

    Top: Marginal Composition 2013-07-18 13.05.55.jpg → 2013-07-18 17.10.28.jpg

    Bottom: Installation at Trajector Intermezzo, Brussels