Emails with Mother Text

Taken from six different emails written between my mother and I, this image displays every key that was pressed to make all six emails. It also displays the amount each key was pressed in relation to all others in each email.

Every single key stroke was counted in each email including space bars, shift keys, numbers, and enter keys. After all keys were accounted for, they were broken down into percentages. Using a scanned keyboard, I traced each key, and came up with a template. I took the percentages and used them as percentages of gray. For example: 0% gray is white, 50% gray is middle gray and 100% gray is completely black. I filled in each block on the template according to the percentage pressed. After all keys were accounted for on the template, I made a few contrast adjustments to gain greater tonal range in the final print. All keys were affected exactly the same by this adjustment. All six emails were arranged vertically on one page.

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