Instrument Approaches Text

These silver gelatin prints were derived from four instrument approaches that were made in a flight simulator in four different weather conditions ranging from calm to rough with heavy variable winds. The activities were filmed and then imported into the computer for further processing. Screen captures of the instrument panel were made in ten second increments, and the Omni-directional Bearing Selector was further cropped in each frame. This instrument is a critical indicator of the planes position vertically and horizontally in space while navigating to the ground in the blind. When the cross hairs remain centered, a successful approach to landing is assured. The mapping of the fluctuation of the indicator needles while flying each approach became the source material used to create the respective photographic abstractions.

Watch a video depicting the omni-directional bearing selector of one flight. These screen shots were used to create darkroom printing masks which were the guidance for light exposures made in the darkroom.

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