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During a brief stay on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009, the house and grounds of my grandmother’s farm were photographed. The cream carpet, soft grass, and black asphalt stage sharp memories. Images were composed within the disconnected framelines of a rangefinder camera, a tool historically used to make documentary photographs. The pictures were blindly printed and packaged. They have never been seen. Upon departure, they were left in the care of Mildred St. Clair, who will ship them upon request from her farm in Scottsburg, IN. The edition consists of 5 packages filled with 36 pictures each, and will only be available as long as Mildred lives.

Please write a letter to Mildred St. Clair for acquisition. Include your return address, and a check in the amount of $425.

Mildred St. Clair

1202 East Grain Bin Rd

Scottsburg IN 47170


Current Availability: 4

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